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Your 100% Online Music School!

Check it out right now, all the  courses  available on our platform.

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Why study with Bem no Tom?


We are a 100% online school, which allows us to teach students anywhere there is internet access! Nowadays we have students from all regions of Brazil and from 3 different continents!


Our methodology is very dynamic and the teachers are super accessible.   In group classes or video classes, we use the method of personalized, individual service, through the forum and exchange of messages and videos directly with the teacher.


Every first Sunday of the month, we have an online meeting called Café com Música, exclusively for enrolled students. Where students have the opportunity to train how to present themselves in public and we still have experience exchange between teachers and students from different classes.

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Get to know the Well in Tom way of teaching

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Juliana Alcarria

Fantastic school. Many instrument options. Dedicated teachers and dynamic classes. I'm already going to my third instrument at school. Highly recommend!

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Geraldo Carvalho

Excellent experience. They are trained in the art of teaching to play instruments. In addition to being very polite, helpful and dedicated. The individualized help is differentiated, they are always ready to help you. I only have praise. Great.

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Vanessa Pereira

I've been studying with Bem no Tom for two semesters and I'm really enjoying the content and method. The exercises are practical and very effective!! Recorded classes allow me to easily adjust the day and time to attend. 

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Bia Nickel

I thought it would be almost impossible to learn violin online, but I was really surprised. With Bem no Tom school it's super possible and I'm loving it, it was an old teenage passion to learn this beautiful instrument!!

What students say

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Larissa Dias

It is a school that really delivers what it promises. I had no notion of theory or musical notes, not even how to hold the instrument correctly and despite being online, the teacher with all the skills and a lot of patience managed to teach us in the best way.

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Paula Braga

Escola Bem no Tom is the best innovation I've seen in recent times … they bring art to us, in the comfort of our home. The teachers are extremely qualified! The administrative part of the school is super attentive and efficient! They deserve A LOT of success!!!!!

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