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Return and Refund Policies


1 - For the use of the service, the ASSOCIATE will be charged a monthly fee and a membership fee, in order to remunerate the structure and work of the ADMINISTRATOR. Membership must be paid in a single installment, together with the first monthly fee of this contract, intended to cover forms, administrative costs and services inherent to membership. The monthly fee will be charged on a credit card or bank slip every 10th of the month, or in another form of payment made available by the ADMINISTRATOR, intended to cover the administrative costs of managing the club.

2 - Plan you joined can be canceled within 7 days and will be refunded. If you have used any service in the plan, you will be charged the particular amount for the one used. From the eighth day onwards, you will be able to use the services and remain in the plan as contracted. Subject to fine for contractual disagreement.

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